Triplex is Chicagoland’s Newest Graco Distributor

Today, we are very excited to share the latest addition to our line card- Graco Air & Electric Operated Double Diaphragm, Peristaltic, and Piston pumps.

At Triplex, it’s our mission to provide you the right pump for your high purity process application. There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter high purity process which means our sales engineers focus on technologies over product lines. We consider not only your product and process, but how you intend to clean and where else the pump may be used throughout the plant. We need to understand what if any regulatory requirements apply and your documentation needs.

Graco is the perfect addition to our line card as we continue to work each day to earn our customers trust by selecting the right pump for the job. Graco’s complete line of diaphragm, drum, peristaltic, and piston pumps allow us to help customers with applications ranging from simple transfer of low to medium viscosity products to unloading some of the thickest products that can be pumped.

Graco products are solution focused and their new Saniforce 2.0 line is purpose built for today’s food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications which place a premium on product quality, safety, and reliability, while also bringing breakthrough technologies like the electrically operated double diaphragm pump.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll feature a series of posts on all of Graco’s products, which applications they should be used in, what they do well, what they do not do so well, and above all else how you can apply them to save time, energy, and effort on your high purity process.

Triplex stocks complete Graco FG, HS, and piston pumps, as well as service and repair kits for all makes and models.

We couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you. And as always, if you have any questions about Graco’s line of double diaphragm, peristaltic, or piston pumps, contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today.

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