Capability Update- Graco’s State of the Art Product Testing Lab in Rogers, MN!

About a year ago, Triplex was fortunate to partner with Graco to bring their class leading line of AODD and EODD pumps, and unloading systems to the Chicagoland market. And in the short amount of time we’ve been working with them, time and again it’s clear what makes them a best-in-class product offering. Today, we wanted to highlight their new, state-of-the-art product testing facility in Rogers, MN and how it helped one of our customers save significantly on a new pump application.

Recently, we were working with a customer to pump a cookie batter that they were looking to bring into their facility from a sister plant. It was described to us as a “light pancake batter”. Seemed straight forward enough. All they were looking to do was pump from a mixing trough into an auger feed system that feeds another pump, downstream mixer, and ultimately the depositor. Seems simple enough, right?

To start, we suggested a test using one of our demo Quantm electrically operated double diaphragm pumps. We liked the pump for this application as it’s a short, simple transfer application that requires dry priming and suction lift. The Quantm checks those boxes and is also exceptionally simple to operate, with integrated speed control and no air means it’s a simple plug and play.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the product was much thicker than we expected. Instead of a light pancake batter, it was more like a heavy cookie dough and the Quantm was unable (and not expected) to generate the lift needed to move the batter. While it was a setback, at the end of the day, that’s why we do the test.

To solve this pumping problem, we knew we needed a pump that we could immerse directly into the product- a piston type pump. Graco’s line of Saniforce piston pumps are perfect for this application. And to assist with ergonomics and overall ease of operation, we recommended using a 5:1 double ball piston pump mounted on Graco’s simple pneumatic elevator.

Given the setback with the first demo, however, time was tight the customer was keen to test the elevator solution on their product.

Product testing at Graco’s facility in Rogers, MN.

Enter Graco’s state of the art testing facility in Rogers, MN. At the test lab, Graco has a complete line of their pumps including AODD, EODD, piston, as well as both drum unloaders and bin evacuation systems to test whatever you may want to pump. Not only can you prove that the pump can handle the product, you can get a better feel for operating the equipment and ensure that you’re able to move product at the rates you need to meet your production goals.

Testing can be done with either the end user present or remotely and most demos are filmed and provided to the customer following the testing, creating a convenient way to share the results you’re your team.

In this case, Graco’s testing lab was all that we needed to alleviate any concerns about the pump being able to handle the product. The 5:1 elevator performed as expected (great) and moved the product easily at rates required to meet the customer’s production demands. The customer was so happy with the results they immediately placed an order for a sanitary elevator system.

So the next time you have a hard to pump fluid and need to evaluate a Graco AODD, EODD, piston pump, or unloading system, contact Triplex or your local Graco distributor. We’d be happy to help facilitate a test.

And as always, if you have any questions about Graco’s class leading products or any of your sanitary fluid handling equipment, be sure to contact a Triplex Sales engineer today!

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