Introducing SPXFlow’s Uptime Optimization Tool & eXpress App

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of SPXFlow’s new Uptime Optimization Tool and retooled eXpress App. The Uptime Optimization tool is designed to provide distributors a tool to support end users and their current install base of Waukesha Cherry Burrell and APV process equipment including, positive displacement and centrifugal pumps, W60 series and D4 mix proof valves, as well as APV high pressure homogenizers and WCB Votator Scrape Surface Heat Exchangers.

At Triplex, we’ve been testing the app for months and in today’s app want to share with you how we’ve been using it and how it’s helped support our end users.

What does the Uptime Optimization & eXpress app do?

At its core, the eXpress app is a general equipment audit application that we’ve been using as a supplement to our own proprietary equipment survey software. The eXpress app allows us to quickly and efficiently record current machine specifications and information such as make, model, serial number, equipment photos, and notes about it’s current application and usage.

From that starting point, Triplex is able to execute a more in-depth EHA (Equipment Health Assessment) using the app’s Uptime Optimization features where we use a comprehensive toolkit to execute a non-intrusive check of the equipment including equipment temperature, vibration, sounds levels, visual notes, as well speed measurements.

These records live in the app and can be maintained and updated over the lifespan of the equipment, giving distributors and end users alike valuable information that will help in diagnosing equipment faults and evaluating performance with higher fidelity, over a longer period of time than traditional tools allowed for.

EHA’s can also easily exported and compiled into an easy-to-read color-coded report that evaluates the data captured against engineering suggested levels (with RED representing a high risk of downtime, YELLOW representing a moderate risk, and GREEN representing a low risk).

How else is Triplex using the Uptime Optimization & eXpress App?

In addition to field audits and EHAs, we’ve also found great value in using the eXpress app to supplement our in-house pump repair program.

A sample pump evaluation.

Using the eXpress app has allowed our repair technicians to standardize how they evaluate pumps and also maintain a living record for each piece of equipment. To date, we have not seen another repair center who is able to provide a complete service history for an individual pump or serial number. The eXpress app has allowed us to create and maintain these records, which are accessible to all Triplex Sales personnel in the shop and in the field, providing real time data and service you won’t find elsewhere.

What Platforms is the Uptime Optimization & eXpress App available for?

The eXpress & Uptime Optimization tool is available for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as a desktop version for Windows machines.

Still have questions about SPXFlow’s Uptime Optimization & eXpress app or would you like to schedule your equipment survey? Please contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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