New Product Announcement: The WCB Twin Screw Pump

Today, we’re excited to share SPXFlow/Waukesha Cherry Burrell’s newest product line addition- the WCB Twin Screw pump. WCB’s new twin screw pump is versatile and robust, capable of handling an extensive range of applications and product viscosities at high differential pressures with easy maintenance and Waukesha’s best in class channel support. So what else distinguishes the WCB twin screw and what applications should you consider it for? Let’s take a closer look.

The Multi-Purpose Pump

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “Why would I consider a twin screw pump”? While there are a number of advantages to using a twin screw pump, including the ability to gently handle products with particulate, operate at exceptionally high differential pressures, and even handle volatile and gaseous products. These features, coupled with the pumps bidirectionality, makes it great for product loading and unloading.

But at the end of the day, the WCB twin screw pump’s chief value proposition is for applications where you would typically need two pumps and replace it with just one- the WCB TS. In a typical sanitary CIP application, we’ll have a PD pump like Waukesha’s Universal 3 (or pick your ECP pump) for handling product, but because of it’s inability to handle higher speeds, we’ll also have a centrifugal pump, like a 200 or C series for our CIP pump. And for maximum cleaning, we’ll also need additional piping and bypass valves to help maintain downstream line velocities.

With the WCB twin screw pump, capable of running at speeds of up to 4,000 RPM on some models, we’re able to size one pump to handle both lower speed process flows and also ramp up to hit the velocity requirements for CIP.

And as we touched on previously, the WCB twin screw pump is to handle multiphase flow, meaning products with gas or entrained air, making it an excellent choice for tank pump out and loading/unloading applications.

Simplified Maintenance

Due to their increasing popularity in plants, it seems like every manufacturer is marketing a twin screw pump these days. In full disclosure, SPXFlow is now offering two- the WCB and the legacy UTS. But in their haste to bring a product to market, few manufacturers have shown consideration for bringing a pump that not only has exceptional performance, but is also exceptionally simple to service in the field.

Simplified maintenance is a major distinguisher for the new WCB twin screw. Screws do not need to be timed during replacement and no gear oil draining is required to remove and replace screws. The WCB twin screw’s mechanical seal is a simple cartridge design that comes preassembled. If you’ve ever had to service a twin screw pump, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the cartridge seal option.

These features, along with other thoughtful features like integrated handles on the pump body for ergonomic handling, make the WCB twin screw a maintenance tech’s dream- reducing the time needed for service and also deskilling repairs so a broader range of plant personnel can service the pump.

Complete Product Portfolio

The WCB twin screw comes in three primary 3A authorized models- the WTS 70, 104, and 130 capable of handling maximum flow rates of 110, 265, and 440 GPM, respectively. Along with the larger, EHEDG only WTS 180, we’re able to hit the duties 95%+ of the pump applications we see today.

Other features include optional heating or cooling jackets, custom base plates, as well as both single and double mechanical flush seal options are available, making the WTS one of the most versatile pumps on the market today.

Best in Class Service & Support

Finally, the most unsung benefit of the new WCB TS is the network of platinum distributors that support it. About 10 years ago when twin screw pumps started gaining significant traction in the US market, aftermarket support was the Wild Wild West. Most manufacturers sold direct and would hold your hand right up until the equipment left their dock and then were conspicuously absent when seal parts or technical support was needed.

Even in 2023, with most pump manufacturers offerings a twin screw pump, we hear from our customers everyday how hard it can be to get aftermarket support even on something as simple as a seal kit.

That is where the WCB Twin screw pump really shines. With multiple Platinum distributors in every state to service and support the WCB Twin Screw pump, you’ll no longer have to worry about finding on hand inventory or an advocate to help you expedite your new pump order.

In closing, while the WCB Twin Screw pump is an excellent, full featured twin screw pump, bringing you both CIP and process capabilities in a single pump, simplified maintenance, and a wide range of performance profiles, it’s the pump’s best in class service and support through Waukesha’s Platinum distribution network that really makes it shine.

If you have any questions about the new WCB Twin Screw pump, be sure to contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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