Friday Four Pack- Riwakamania IV, Tri-Clamp & Gasket, Out for Delivery, & Radio Revival

After a busy week off of the Friday Four Pack, we’re back on this fine, considerably cooler Friday to bring you four of our favorite beers as we head into Father’s Day weekend. So grab a beer, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about what we thought of our four favorite beers from the past week.

Hop Butcher for the World- Riwakamania IV (6.5% India Pale Ale)

This year, I got my Father’s Day present a week or so early- a nice new Solo Stove. For anyone who hasn’t tried the almost smoke-free Solo Stove, I highly recommend it. And what better way to break it in than with a pizza and a beer?

For the first fire, we went with Riwakamania IV from Hop Butcher for the beer and Fat Ricky’s for the pizza. I’m a big fan of professional wrestling as well as the first 3 versions of Riwakmania. This edition did not disappoint. I got a grassy lemon dank nose with a tart tangerine palate that is light and very easy to drink. The finish is full New Zealand hop, packing a considerable amount of candied orange.

More Brewing Company- Tri-Clamp & Gasket (10% ABV Triple New England IPA)

As a professional seller of many TriClamps and gaskets and son to a man who labored at the old TriClover, this beer was a must drink for me. Of course I enjoyed its forerunner- Clamp and Gasket- but more fully appreciate the unabbreviated triple version. I get a tangy orange nose with hints of sap and pine. The palate starts out juicy and full, but the alcohol cuts ever so slightly keeping it from being too sweet. The finish is a little dank, very berry, and totally awesome. Here’s to more beers named after the equipment that supports them.

Phase 3 Brewing- Out for Delivery (7.8% ABV Double New England IPA)

We spent a lot of time at work this week plugging in tracking numbers and seeing shipment status as “Out for Delivery”. So we felt this was a very appropriate beer to get into on a hot, hot summer night on the patio. I get peach and lemon on the nose with rindy citrus palate. Finish is fruit forward, with sweet citrus and lime.

Riverlands Brewing- Radio Revival (10% ABV Triple New England IPA)

And to wrap up this post, we have Radio Revival and some excellent pastrami tacos. Just a fantastic looking beer. Strong orange juice nose. Light, slick palate that takes some juicy golden berry and accelerates it’s all the way through to the finish. Incredible that this easy drinker is a hefty 10%. Muy Bien.

And just like that, another week in the books. As both a son and a father, I hope everyone reading this is looking forward to spending some time with their kids this weekend and gets to see their dad. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once and in a while, you could miss it.

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