Friday Four Pack- Revolution Summer Deep Wood Beers & A Deeper Dish

After a few weeks off for vacation, we’re back with the full run down on Revolution’s recent summer Deep Wood beer releases as well as a beer that paired too well with pizza to pass on. So sit back, relax, grab a beer, maybe a pizza, and enjoy four of our favorite beers from July.

Revolution Brewing- Thundertaker (16.2% ABV Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)

We were lucky enough to preview this beer in our last post straight from the barrel and we couldn’t wait to come back to it in it’s final packaged form. The palate is the silkiest, smoothest palate I’ve ever gotten on a beer. Mouthy coating velvety German chocolate cake.

Then the finish. Oh the finish. Bring on the nuance. I get chocolate, banana, cinnamon, rye spice, and plenty of barrel heat. Take that delicate sugar to alcohol balance and turn up the volume. This is a big beer. Dark Mode meets straight jacket in a way that is thoroughly Thundertaker.

Revolution Brewing- Lumberstruck (12.3% ABV Barrel Aged Barelywine)

This is another one we gave a sneak peak of in our last post. This 12.3% Black English barleywine spent a generous amount on time in Saxum Vineyards red wine barrels- which is a departure from your standard bourbon barrel treatment. It doesn’t go without notice. The beer starts a rich red and quickly darkens. The nose is packed with vinous port, rhubarb, and cognac, and nary traces of ethanol. The palate reminds me so much of Blackberry Finn- dark fruit and silky-smooth molasses. The finish is a balance of strawberry twizzlers, vanilla, and charred French oak.

Revolution Brewing- Coconut Deth (15% ABV Barrel Aged Stout w/ Coconut)

Over the years, I’ve had quite a few variants of Rev’s Deth’s Tar- Deth by Currants, Deth by Raspberries, Deth by Cherries, Deth by Plums, Café Deth, you name it. I can say, without a doubt, this is the best riff on Deth’s Tar I’ve ever had. Pouring a clean, clear, black tar, the nose bombards the nares with sandalwood, vanilla, coconut, and whiskey. The palate is fluffy marshmallow that finishes with more coconut, dark chocolate, cinnamon and rye spice. I think this one get still be got at local liquor stores. Run, don’t walk, to pick it up.

Hop Butcher for the World- A Deeper Dish (10.5% ABV Triple IPA)

Alright, confession time. Even though I’m from Chicago, I never understood all the hype around a pizza you need a fork and knife to eat. This beer though may make me change my mind. The triple IPA version of Tavern Cut, Deeper Dish is super smooth and incredibly full bodied. Absolutely jam packed with orange flavor and drying citrus. And the pizza? Big Pauly’s in Plainfield. The best in Will County.

And just like that, another weekend in the books. We’re glad to be back sharing with  you the beers (& pizza!) we love. Cheers!

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