Friday Four Pack- JJJuiceee Project Mosaic + Mosaic, Our Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Cosmic Garage Party, and Anti-Hero

We’re back this week with four more beers. As we let you know in our first post of the day, this week was Process Expo and we had some friends in town who brought us some great beers. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Treehouse Brewing JJJuiceee Project Mosaic+Mosaic

Treehouse Brewing- JJJuiceee Project Mosaic+Mosaic (8.7% American Double IPA)

As mentioned above, this week was Process Expo at McCormick Place and we had vendors and customers dropping by all week. One vendor from the Boston area was kind enough to stop by with 4 beers from one of the most incredible breweries in the world- Tree House. If you’ve never been to Tree House, it’s a sight to behold. Nestled away in Charlton, MA, Tree House’s production brewery is a beer mecca in the middle of the woods. One of the most beautiful beer consumption environments I’ve ever seen, the craziest thing I remember was people literally wheeling out cases of beer on dollies as you walk in the door. Tree House puts out over 43,000 bbl a year and it’s sold almost entirely at their brewery in Charlton. Incredible.

So clearly, we were excited to get back into a few Tree House brews. The first one we cracked was JJJuiceee Project Mosaic+Mosaic. Great beers find a way express an experience the brewer had at some point in their life and share it with consumers in liquid form. If the drinker is present, they’ll go to that place too. JJJuiceee Project Mosaic+Mosaic takes me to a smoothie bar. An 8.7% Double American Pale Ale, the aroma is so berry forward, I can pick them each out. Strawberry jam, orange marmalade, blackberry and tropical kiwi. Greens waft across the palate and conjure memories of early morning runs around the lake in July. The finish is the perfect balance of sweet and bitterness. More fruit, but noticeable rind.

We can’t wait to get into the rest of our Treehouse 4 pack.

The perfect nightcap

Mikerphone Brewing- Our Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (14.76% ABV Imperial Stout aged in Willett Barrels)

Next up, we have Mikerphone’s collab with Horus Aged Ales. At 14.76%, it’s a big ole’ imperial stout aged in Willett barrels. Fantasy pours a velvet chocolate and the nose delights with wood and some roasted nuts. It’s definitely an oak forward beer. Silky smooth palate with rich notes of chocolate and fudge. A smooth finish that warms the soul. We opened this beer on Halloween following Trick or Treating with our neighbors around a fire. The perfect nightcap.

I wonder what a cosmic garage party would be like?

Riverlands- Cosmic Garage Party (7.2% Hazy New England IPA)

Our 3rd beer this week is another beer from Riverland’s in St. Charles. This double IPA was hopped with Enigma, Nelson, and Galaxy, then fermented with Cosmic Punch yeast to bring all the fruity esters, Garage party pours a little more amber than I was expecting with about a finger of foam. Big tropical nose with hints of white grapes. I’m almost getting some banana.

The palate does that Nelson/Galaxy thing where it dries way out but still stays tropical. We get some bready malty flavors as well. The beer finishes stronger than your typical 7.2’er- Little heat and some dank. Well done.

The Hero we need, but don’t deserve.

Revolution- Anti-Hero (6.7% American IPA)

We’ve had this beer about a hundred times before but wanted to take a moment to highlight one of the anchors of Chicago beer. This beer belongs on the Chicago IPA Mount Rushmore right alongside other OG’s like Daisy Cutter, Zombie Dust, and Ninja vs. Unicorn. What makes this beer a staple of so many tap handles is it’s approachability. An Everyman IPA if there ever was one. Coming off the tapper a beautiful crystal-clear tree sap, I get pine and the soft glow of alcohol on the nose. Some caramel and citrus notes linger. The palate is crisp and clean and finishes with pine and huge notes of grapefruit. Anti-hero. Not the hero we deserve, but the one we need right now.

So there are our four beers for the weekend. If you’re reading this from somewhere out east, please go to Tree House. You can thank me later. If you’re tuning in from Chicagoland, go feel the vibes at Mikerphone’s Blue Room or head to the bowling alley and grab an Anti-Hero on tap. You will not be disappointed.

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