Product Feature: Sterling Electric Encapsulated Stainless Steel Washdown Motors

In today’s post, we wanted to take a look at a product we find ourselves increasingly recommending to our customers- Sterling Electric’s Sterli-Seal Encapsulated line of motors. We’ve long been raving fans of Sterling’s Steri-Seal line of stainless motors, but in this post we’ll do a deeper dive on one of their new product features- motor encapsulation and help you determine if it’s the right way to go for your application.

In the sanitary and high purity process industry, processing environments are often severe, seeing daily cleaning and direct spray. At Triplex, we will typically supply motors with our pump assemblies that are at the very minimum washdown rated and are usually stainless steel. We like to specify stainless whenever possible not only because it looks great and matches the pumps we supply, but also because it is paint free and does not rust or chip overtime.

For most applications, Sterling Electric’s complete line of Sterli-Seal washdown duty motors will do just fine. The standard Sterli-Seal motor is rated IP65. IP ratings are a system of electrical enclosure ratings based on IEC 60529 that specify the protective qualities of an enclosure. The first digit specifies the enclosures protection against solid ingress, while the second digit specifies the enclosures protection against water ingress.

So what does Sterli-Seal’s IP65 rating mean? It means that Sterli-Seal motors are completely dust-tight and are protected against splashing, falling, or dripping water. They can also withstand direct spray at relatively low pressures. This makes them great for many indoor and outdoor applications.

Sterling Sterli-Seal Fully Encapsulated Motor

That being said, we are increasingly seeing applications and cleaning procedures where motors will see direct, high-pressure spray. This can cause IP65 rated motors to fail prematurely. That’s where we Sterling Electric’s Sterli-Seal Encapsulated like of motors come in. Sterling Sterli-Seal Encapsulated motors feature the following:

  • IP66/69K rating for severe/direct washdown
  • 303/304 Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • One-piece 303/304 Stainless Steel shaft internally locked drive end bearing to eliminate axial movement of shaft
  • Pre-lubricated (sealed) oversized ball bearings
  • Lip seal on drive end and opposite drive end brackets
  • Slinger on drive end shaft
  • Diagonally split and gasketed stamped stainless steel conduit box (rotatable at 90-degree increments)
  • Optional 303/304 investment cast conduit box
  • Optional Inpro bearing isolator
  • Potted connection leads
  • UL listed potting compound with excellent heat transfer and thermal sock resistance suitable for Class F and Class H insulation systems
  • DryConn wire connectors supplied inside the conduit box to provide waterproof connection to the main power supply
  • All models NEMA Premium Efficient
  • 1 year warranty free from defects in material and workmanship

The IP66/69K rating on the Sterli-Seal Encapsulated motors means they have the highest level of waterproof protection for an IP rated enclosure except for enclosures designed to survive total immersion. Think of any application where you know your motor is going to get hit directly with a high-power spray nozzle. This is not uncommon is many food manufacturing or even pharmaceutical facilities.

So if you’re tired of seeing your washdown duty motor fail prematurely, it may be time to consider a fully encapsulated solution like Sterling Electric’s Sterli-Seal washdown duty motors. Especially with the challenges in today’s supply chain, who wants lose time or money because of a motor failure?

For more information on Sterling Electric’s Sterli-Seal line of motors or any of your high purity process needs, contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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