Friday Four Pack- Cubby Blue, DDH Double Pixel Density, Watasha, & Broken Bridge Barrel Aged Stout

Another Friday, another four pack. And if you didn’t see, we launched our new Craft Beer Line of centrifugal pumps yesterday! So clearly, we’ve had beer on our mind most of the week.

For this week’s Friday Four Pack, we have a fruit beer, 2 doubles IPAs, and a fantastic big barrel aged stout. As the dog days of summer come to a close, here is what we’re looking forward to heading into the weekend.

Phase Three Brewing- DDH Double Pixel Density (8% DDH Double IPA w/ Citra & Citra Cryo Hops)

DDH Double Pixel Density - Phase Three Brewing - Untappd

This is one of my must have beers every time it drops. DDH Double Pixel Density takes Phase Three’s year round banger Pixel Density and kicks up the alcohol and adds some cryogenically processed citra hops to the dry hop. Cryo hops are pretty cool. Basically, the hop cone is cryogenically frozen to separate it in to two parts- concentrated lupulin and bract. The lupulin is what we want and it adds huge amounts of aromatic oils to the beer and none of the vegetal matter.

The is evident in DDH Double Pixel Density. We get a beer with an incredibly thick and consistent hazy glow. The nose pops with orange zest and the beer hits the palate with a melody of sweet gummy, orange rind, and a sweet finish. This rendition had more residual sugar than I remember, but I loved that the beer was not over carbonated and finished smooth.

Goose Island- Cubby Blue (5% ABV Fruit beer w/ blueberry)

Anyone who knows me knows the passion/frustration I have for the Chicago Cubs. And while they’re probably going to lose 100 games, at least they have the MLB leader in wins (I will send a free beer to anyone who can correctly identify that pitcher in the comments)!

Ironically, this beer was given to be by a White Sox fan…. All 32 ounces of it. Fortunately, it’s just what we need to watch the quadruple A Cubs these days. Pouring an amberish blue, this beer has a bready farmhouse nose with crisp and refreshing blueberry notes. It’s smooth, crisp, and refreshing, not overly acidic, which I absolutely love in a fruit beer.

Saint Errant- Watasha (8% DDH Double IPA with Mosaic and Vic Secret)

We love the beer that Saint Errant puts out week after week and this one is no exception. Pouring thick, it dazzles with a hazy glow. The nose is all Vic, huge wafts of dank. Upon tasting, I immediately get resinous pine and then a wonderful berry medley. The finish is soft and refreshing- like raindrops dripping from pine needles. So good we had to rush out and pick up another 4 pack.

Lake Effect Brewing- Broken Bridge (14% Barrel Aged Stout)

Lake Effect Brewing Company

This beer, brewed in collaboration with Old Irving, spent something like 12 months in used bourbon barrels after brewing. Just beer, barrel, and a touch of lactose. The result is a huge beer with tons of flavor and an incredible mouthfeel! At 14% ABV, it’s a lot of beer, but fortunately, in Chicago, it’s always big beer season.

Broken Bridge pours a rich chocolate, but I thought a touch thin for a 14% beer. The beer picks up from there though with a big nose of bourbon chocolate cake and some oak. Upon tasting, you’re immediately greeted with that bourbon heat, which melts into a velvety chocolate cake and finishes with a nice rye spice. Really well done.

So that’s what we’re drinking this weekend. Hopefully, these beers encourage you to think about your next beer choice and perhaps nudge you into trying something new. If you choose to drink something fresh and local, you won’t be disappointed.

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