Waukesha Universal 3 Pump- Eliminate Oversize Rotors with a Pump for Life!

For the last several weeks, we’ve been focusing on Waukesha’s industry leading line of external circumferential piston pumps. In today’s post, we wanted to take a look at the most exciting commercial feature of the Waukesha Universal 3 Pump- their Pumps for Life Program. Let’s take a look.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell has long been in the industry leader in sanitary positive displacement pumps. And since the Universal 1 hit the market in the early 1990s, SPXFlow/WCB have built an enormous install base. Because the Universal 1 and Universal 2 pumps are the workhorse of many sanitary fluid handling processes, it is inevitable that they will wear over time. While this can generally be solved with factory OEM parts and the skilled repair technicians at Triplex Sales, the day will come when the pump will need to be replaced.

For both the Universal 1 and Universal 2 pumps, the way this was handled was typically with a Remanufactured pump. The remanufactured pump program is great because it allows us to get a pump that meets all factory tolerances, specifically rotor tolerances, at a greatly reduced price. This is accomplished by sending in your worn pump and having the body re-machined, to be made “like new” and installing an oversized rotor. Remanufactured pumps also receive new shafts, bearings, gears, gear case, and product seals.

Well this all seems great, it does create challenges for larger processing facilities. Waukesha Universal pumps don’t all wear on the same schedule and they certainly aren’t all replaced at the same time. Additionally, a Waukesha Universal 1 or Waukesha Universal 2 Pump can only be remanufactured twice. This means that, over time, customers who take advantage of the Waukesha Remanufactured pump program will have a mix of “new” pumps and remanufactured pumps. This can make it difficult or confusing to service. All of a sudden, users will need to stock both standard and oversized rotors and they’ll also need to know which pumps get which rotor. This has the potential to create a huge headache.

To eliminate this headache, Waukesha has launched the Pumps for Life program with their Universal 3 pump line. This program offers a brand new Universal 3 Pump at the cost of a remanufactured pump as long as the Universal 3 pump has been maintained with genuine SPX Flow parts. So not only do you get a brand new pump at the remanufactured price, you also get a pump with parts that all have the same dimensions- no more oversized rotors and bodies. With the Pump for Life Program, gone is the risk of installing the incorrect, oversized rotor into a new pump. And no longer do you have to worry about an R2 reaching “end of life” and having to be replaced with a more expensive brand new Universal Pump.

SPXFlow’s Pumps for Life Program

With the Universal 3 Pumps for Life Program, end users get brand new replacement pumps at a lower cost, enabling peak performance and reduced total cost of ownership! For more information on ordering a Waukesha Universal 3 Pump, genuine spare parts, or any other of your high purity process needs, contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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