Tis’ the Season… Price Increases are Coming. Here is what Triplex is doing to Help.

It’s cold, snowy, and we in Chicago haven’t seen the sun in three days. And to make life slightly more distressing, vendor price increases seem to be flying left and right. You may have seen our announcement this week about SPX’s upcoming price increase, so we wanted to take some time today to remind you what we’re doing at Triplex to help our customers maximize their high purity process equipment spend.

Refresh your Quotes

Have a project that has some more work to do before you feel comfortable issuing a purchase order? Or are you waiting for your budget to refresh January 1st? At Triplex, we honor our quotes for 30 days, so just contact us before the end of the year and we’ll refresh your quote to buy you some additional time.

Waukesha PD Pump Trade Ins

Have an old pump that requires a gear case rebuild, shafts, and rotors? Don’t rebuild it- trade it in. Waukesha PD pump cores have value, and at Triplex, we will extend an immediate 5% discount on your brand new replacement pump when trading in a legacy pump.

Waukesha PD Pump Recondition Program

Similar the Waukesha’s trade in program, the SPXFlow’s reconditioned pump program allows you to trade in your old, worn out pump, for a factory certified reconditioned pump. Each pump serial number is allowed two reconditions and immediately returns the pump to the original tolerances, giving you back the Universal pump’s legendary efficiency.

And at Triplex, we’ve streamlined the reconditioning process, giving you a lower upfront process and eliminating the need to wait for credits or drills holes in bodies.

Universal 3 Pump for Life Program

As you may have seen in our Universal 3 series of blogs, instead of reconditioning, the Universal 3 comes with the Pump for Life promise. When your Universal 3 pump reaches end of life, simply call Triplex and we’ll replace your old U3 with a brand new Universal 3 at a reconditioned pump price.

Triplex On Demand VMI Program

Triplex launched our On Demand VMI program earlier this year and we’ve been helping customers save thousands on their factory OEM spares ever since. Customers who take advantage of our On Demand VMI program save on average 5% on aftermarket spares. Contact Triplex today to schedule your equipment audit and finally get a handle on your Waukesha & Graco spare parts.

Waukesha Alloy 88 Rotor Buyback

Have a crate of old rotors sitting in the corner of your facility? Don’t let your scrap guy take them! Those rotors have value. Triplex’s rotor buyback program remains in place, offering you $6/pound for your old rotors.

Free Freight on Stock Orders over $5,000

Are you a regular customer or have a stock order you’re looking to place? Triplex wants to earn your business and we’re happy to offer free freight on all stock orders over $5,000. Simply mark your qualifying order as a “stock order” and we’ll cover the freight! Stock orders must ship complete and cannot be expedited. Some exclusions may apply.

Even in these gloomy days, Triplex is unwavering in our commitment to innovate and deliver the best possible customer experience to meet and exceed your high purity processing needs. If you have any questions (commercial or technical) about your high purity processing application, please contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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