If I had a dollar for every time I heard the “supply chain” blamed for a missed delivery or unexpected downtime, I wouldn’t be writing these blogs. I’d be on a beach in Ibiza. But alas, I don’t. So we’re back today to announce a new product offering from Triplex- our On Demand VMI program.

 Navigating the supply challenges during good times can be difficult. In 2022, it’s close to impossible. But one thing has never been more true- failing to plan is planning to fail. And at Triplex, we believe the best way to help our customers plan is to meet them with our inventory where they’re at- their facilities, where the magic really happens. Our new On Demand VMI program is designed to bring the products and solutions our customer work with us every day on right into their plants so it’s always at your finger tips.

With our On Demand VMI program, we start with an on site equipment inventory where our sales engineers visit your site to catalog all of your sanitary process equipment. Using proprietary software, we work through your facility to create a comprehensive catalog of equipment quickly and efficiently. We then review the catalog and compile a list of recommended spare parts. There is absolutely no cost for this whatsoever.

The next step in the VMI program is review the spare parts and making a suggestion for an initial stocking order to be kept on side in a logoed locker. Once inventory is in, Triplex Sales Engineers will regularly visit your site to assist with managing and maintain inventory levels. This allows our end users to optimize and control their inventory without having to dedicate additional resources, while also preventing stock outs and increasing uptime.

In addition to on site inventory, our customers who already take advantage of this program find that we’re able to work together to develop equipment baselines and spot trends that allow us to make proactive changes that save them time, energy and effort (i.e money) on their high purity process.

And when you work with Triplex, you know you’ll always received the highest quality, factory OEM parts for your process equipment.

In 2022, supply chain problems aren’t just a reality, they’re an inevitability. And unfortunately, we’re afraid these challenges are hear to stay. While none of us can fix these problems individually, with our On Demand VMI program, our products meet you where you’re at and allow you to proactively work through these challenges before they become full blown emergencies.

As always, if you have any questions about our On Demand VMI program or any of your high purity processing needs, contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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