Friday Four Pack- Bachelor Party Edition

In full disclosure, I’m not working today. A very good friend is getting married at the end of the month and we’re way up north to celebrate this weekend. And what would a bachelor party be without a trip to the best brewery in the area and some really great beer lakeside? Here are the four beers we’re enjoying as we head into a nice long weekend.

Future Days, Bourbon Barrel Stout, & Vanilla Cherry Stout

Central Waters- Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout (10.5% ABV Barrel Aged Stout)

We are firmly in the middle of nowhere central Wisconsin on 120 acres of untouched paradise. Fortunately, one of the best breweries in Wisconsin- Central Waters- is just 15 miles away. Naturally, it was a must stop.

I started off with a pour of Central Waters flagship barrel aged stout. I get notes of coffee and dark chocolate on the nose with softer notes of leather. While the 10.5% ABV is a little lower than I typically like my barrel aged stouts, this beer was anything but thin. The palate was milky sweet and almond forward. The finish was full of chocolate and hot whiskey notes.

Central Waters- Brewer’s Reserve Vanilla Cherry Stout (11% ABV Barrel Aged Stout)

Next up was CW’s Vanilla Cherry Stout. Pouring a muddy brown, this beer is packed with tart cheery. The palate is on the thinner side and full of milk chocolate. I don’t get much vanilla, which I wasn’t upset about. The finish is full of bourbon heat, tart cherry, and some green cherry notes.

Central Waters- Future Days (7.23% Imperial IPA)

To balance our the big guys, I also tried a pour of an “experimental” IPA- Future Days- and wow, this beer is up there with the best IPA’s I’ve had all year. A visually perfect beer, I get a huge tangerine nose. The palate is light and tangy. The finish is super clean, full of malty cereal notes and a spring floral bouquet.

Toppling Goliath- Mornin’ Delight (12% ABV Imperial Coffee Stout)

In my opinion, there aren’t too many better ways to start a Friday off than with a big ole’ coffee stout (and a few blog posts). Mornin’ Delight remains one of the most sought after non-barrel aged stouts available and for good reason. Big coffee nose and some vanilla maple. The palate is syrupy thick and sweet, but not cloy. The finish is the best of both the nose and palate- bitter coffee and sweet maple- with plenty of alcohol heat.

And just like that, another week in the books. I’ll be powering down the laptop, deleting Outlook off my phone, and enjoying time with good friends and good beer. I hope you’re able to find some time to do the same.

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