How to Make your Waukesha Universal 2 Even More CIP’able

Everyday at Triplex we help customers design pump and fluid handling systems to maximize cleanability. And our most commonly sold pump is without a doubt Waukesha’s Universal 2 pump. As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, the Universal 2 pump features Waukesha’s legendary robust design and is purpose built for CIP out of the box. But for the toughest of cleaning applications, the Universal 2 has a few lesser-known features that we can leverage to maximize cleanability. So let’s take a closer look at what those are.

Before we look at the specific options to optimize cleaning, let’s start by looking at the biggest challenges with cleaning any external circumferential piston pump. ECP style PD pumps, like Waukesha’s Universal pump, are most commonly used in applications that require handling of highly viscous materials. Accordingly, we tend to run these pumps relatively slow- most commonly between 150 and 450 RPM. Not only does this give fluid time to get into the pump, it also creates smooth, laminar flow downstream. While this is great for product handling duties, it is less than ideal for CIP applications. For CIP, we want to create turbulent flow to maximize cleaning.

To hit the higher flow rates required for cleaning, we’ll typically end up using an auxiliary CIP pump. This pump, usually a centrifugal pump, will force cleaning solution at very high velocities through the line, often bypassing the Universal Pump, to scrub the lines clean. Because of the bypass, it can be difficult to clean some of the harder to reach places on the Waukesha Universal 2- specifically behind the rotors and in the rotor hubs on the cover.

A U2 Rotor drilled for CIP

To help clean these hard-to-reach areas, Waukesha introduced models called the Universal 2 CIP and Universal 2 CIP (Particulate) which feature flat body profiles standard, as well as CIP holes drilled in both the pump rotors and body. These holes allow cleaning fluid to flow easily into the pump cover hubs and clean that area (an area prone to particulate accumulation), as well as scrub the body behind the ultra-tight back face of the Universal 2. And the flat body profile allows the pump to fully drain when mounted with the ports in the vertical.

Waukesha Standard & Flat Body Profile

The Universal 2 CIP and Universal 2 CIP particulate are available in all sizes 006 through 370. And because it’s a Universal pump, it features the hallmark Waukesha Universal gearcase, as well as single and double mechanical seal options with a variety of different materials and all other features available on the Universal 2 series

So while the Universal 2 pump is designed with a number of features to allow enhanced cleaning in place, for the hardest to clean applications, consider the Universal 2 CIP series. With drilled rotors and body hubs, as well as flat body profile, The Universal 2 CIP pumps are the most CIPable external circumferential piston pumps on the market. And as always, if you have any questions about your high purity pumping application, please contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today.

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