Introducing Triplex Facility Services: Sanitary Valve Maintenance Program

Our mission at Triplex is to become the world’s leading provider of high purity fluid handling solutions. After thinking carefully about what that might look like, we’ve realized that not only do we need to be able to offer our customers equipment from industry leading brands like Graco and SPXFlow, we also need to be able to service and support our customers on equipment that’s already been deployed to the field.

So today, we are very excited to announce our value-added service program, Triplex Facility Services. And in this post, we’ll take a look at our newest service capability- Sanitary Valve Maintenance.

Increasingly, we work with facilities with hundreds and sometimes even thousands of mix proof valves. Sanitary mix proof valves, like SPXFlow’s industry leading D4 valve line, are critical components in the food and beverage industry, ensuring the safe and efficient processing of products. Over time, however, these valves can become worn, corroded, or damaged, leading to leaks, contamination, and production downtime. That’s why regular maintenance and servicing of these valve is essential for safe and reliable operation.

Unfortunately, because of their critical role in production, it can be hard to find time for a valve cluster to be down for regular maintenance, not to mention shutting down and entire facility to service say, 1,200 valves. So what happens? People can’t find the manpower and delay, delay, delay, exposing them to incredible risk.

This D4 valve manifold like this is no problem for our factory trained technicians.

At Triplex, we identified this as a problem we could help solve and are proud to announce our new Sanitary Valve Maintenance program that is capable of deploying up to 60 factory certified technicians to service as many as 1,200 mix proof valves in a single weekend!

So how do we accomplish this you might ask? Let’s walk you through it.

We start with an initial site audit. We’ve talked about site audits before here, but in case you didn’t know, Triplex Sales is the industry leader hygienic equipment surveys and audits.

 For facilities considering our mix proof valve maintenance program, we’ll begin by sending an engineer to your site to meticulously capture all of your process equipment with an emphasis on mix proof valves. There is no cost at all to this.

Once the survey is complete, we’ll provide a document to you with a complete inventory of your equipment assets along with all recommended spares. Should you decide to move forward with a valve service project, we’ll then procure all needed spares using only factory original spare parts and schedule the service downtime.

That’s when the fun really starts.

Once on site, our techs begin by removing all valves from the line, meticulously documenting valve location and condition. We also capture usable data such as seal condition and state that allows us to create a report detailing valve failure rate and opportunities for process improvement. This data centered approach helps us transition end users from reactive to predictive maintenance.

Once valves are removed from the line, we then remove all wear components, clean, and sanitize the valve.

Once cleaning in complete, we install new seals, lubricate, and reinstall the valves. We then stay for system restart to ensure everything goes smoothly and there’s no leaky valves or automation issues.

The key to any successful valve maintenance job is manpower. And at Triplex we’re excited to have access to over 60 factory certified technicians with a range of expertise that allow us to service not only SPXFlow, Waukesha, and APV valves, but also GEA Tuchenhagen and Aseptomag valves, as well as Pentair Sudmo valves, Alfa-Laval mix proof valves, as well as ITT and Gemu diaphragm valves.

So don’t delay. Take advantage of our factory certified service technicians and schedule your valve maintenance today. And be on the look out as we roll out additional equipment maintenance under our Facility Services program umbrella. And as always, if you have any questions about your high purity fluid handling application, please contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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