Friday Four Pack- Beach, Pizza, & Burger Edition

Last week, after a few months of unseasonably cold and wet weather, a warm front swept into the Chicagoland area, bringing us our first 90 degrees days of 2022. Naturally, we could think of better things to do than sell sanitary process solutions, so we skipped the blogs and hit the beach. We write this one the eve of what could be Chicago’s next 90 degree day and wanted to bring you a few beers to help you beat the heat.

20 Hours at a hotel…. 7.5 hours in the pool

Hop Butcher for the World- Only Interested in Dank (8% ABV Double New England IPA)

Our first beach beer was Hop Butcher’s Only Interested in Dank. Because beachside alcohol consumption is frowned up in the part of Michigan we were in, we decided to save it for the hotel pool.

I very much enjoyed the first version of this beer- Only Interested in Citrus- and was very much looking forward to this version. This beer came in HOT. It had an absolutely electric blue raspberry nose, but holy cow was there some hop burn on this guy. The palate was spicey and earthy, hempy. As the beer’s name might suggest, it carried through to the finish and really overpowered the beer. While I still enjoyed it, this beer is best enjoyed poolside and probably 8 ounces at a time.

Short’s Brewing Company- Huma Lupa Licious (7.7% American IPA)

Our second post beach beer was a lovely local brew called “Huma Lupa Licious” we enjoyed it at a nice beachside bar called The Stray Dog. Huma Lupa looked like your textbook American IPA. The nose was piney and peach forward with a malty forward sweet palate. The finish is fruity, but bitters out nicely, dancing between mango and pine. A lovely brew that paired real good with my tavern burger.

Riverlands Brewing Company- River Rascal (8% IPA Hazy IPA)

I don’t care where I am, on Friday night, I’m having pizza. Especially when Big Pauly’s (Will County’s finest) comes up in the rotation. River Rascal pours like a pulpy mango juice. I get a big ole nose of orange dank, peach, and starburst. The palate is juicy and orange. Sweet, but not cloy. Nice hoppy acidic cut to it that carries through to the finish and round out the beer. A+, 10/10, best combo ever.

Phase Three Brewing- DDH Flutterby (7.7% Double New England Hazy IPA)

Our last beer is a real nice drinker- DDH Flutterby by Phase Three Brewing. It’s a Motueka, Sabro, Vic beer, so I was expecting tons of tropical and coconut with a little bit of danky green. Mission accomplished. A glass of orange juice if I’ve ever seen one, I get a tropical berry nose with some breezy coconut and soft vanilla that almost reminds me of yogurt parfait. The palate is a walking contradiction in the best possible way- peppery but smooth, heavy yet light. Packed with a coconut dank berry finish, it’s a great patio beer.

And just like that, another week in the books. Tomorrow, we’re headed to the Cubs game where we’ll endeavor to bring you the Bleacher edition of the Friday Four Pack. Until then… Cheers!

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