Product Focus- SPXFlow APV HWRS Homogenizer Water Recycling System

Today, we’re excited to start talking to you about the latest innovation from our friends at SPXFlow- the APV HWRS or Homogenizer Water Recycling System. We probably haven’t spent enough time on this blog talking about one of our favorite products- APV’s line of high-pressure homogenizers. Sometimes called “Gaulins” or “Rannies”, these high-pressure homogenizer are used throughout sanitary and industrial processing applications to reduce particle size and create stable oil and water emulsions.

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of energy to do. And with large amounts of energy, we usually create lots of heat. For this reason, both rotating equipment and homogenizers use water for cooling and lubrication.

Historically, manufacturers haven’t been too concerned with their flush and cooling water. But as water costs and environmental awareness rise, it’s becoming increasingly clear the savings and environmental impact we can achieve by recycling this water instead of sending it to waste. To meet this need, SPXFlow has brought to market the first water recycling system designed specifically for high pressure homogenizers. So how does it work? Let’s take a look.


The APV homogenizer water recycling system (HWRS) is comprised of two elements: a water collection tank skid and a sanitation skid. The tank skid is placed next to the homogenizer where it collects the used lubrication and cooling water. During the collection, the tank skid is continuously monitoring the incoming water quality and provides a preliminary treatment.

As long as the water quality meets predefined parameters, it is pumped to the sanitation skid where it is filtered and UV sanitized, monitored, and cooled. The water is then sent to the homogenizer for reuse.

The system utilizes redundant water quality sensors to continuously monitor for impurities. If the water is found to be outside of the quality tolerances, the system will reject the water and supply “fresh” water instead of recycling. Users even have the ability to set alarm paraments within the system which can communicate system alarms via email or text message!

The HWRS recycles up to 97% of the water required by homogenizers and provides significant cost savings, especially in areas with high water rates. The HWRS generates high quality water the meets or exceeds Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) Specifications for Category 1 water, while failsafe and redundant controls allow for continuous operation and built in homogenizer leak detection, as well as water temperature and quality monitoring. The HWRS is compatible with APV homogenizers as well as other manufacturers units and is compact, featuring self-contained controls that can integrate with central control systems.

So if you’re tired of literally flushing water down the drain or just want to get a better grip on your homogenizer water quality, consider the APV HWRS. Not only will it keep your floors dry, but it will also provide a quick ROI and help meet your water savings target. For more information about the APV HWRS, contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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