Sanitary Process Gift Guide- 3 Products to Jumpstart your 2022

Tis’ the season. The season for gifts and jolly, to celebrate the year that was and all that is ahead. Throughout the last six months, this blog has focused on a number of different products from sanitary pumps to valves to control units. Today, we recap the three products we’re asking Santa for this year- the Waukesha Universal 3, the WR63CD valve for integral pressure relief, and a whole bunch of Wayland fittings & sanitary tubing. Let’s get into it!

Waukesha Universal 3 Pump

Waukesha Cherry Burrell- Universal 3 Positive Displacement Pump

We’ve spent a number of posts talking about all of the incredible features of the new Waukesha Universal 3 Pump- the front-loading seal, standard stainless steel gearcase, and Pump for Life program.

Every time we talk to a maintenance manager that has a building full of Universal 1’s, Universal 2’s, and toasted Ampco ZP2’s, we ask, “wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to pull the pump from the line to change the seal?”. The answer is almost always a resounding “Yes!”.

And when we ask a sanitation engineer how the cover cleans, they almost always have issues with product build up and accumulation in the hubs. That’s why we think the U3’s cover re-design, which eliminates these hubs, is the U3’s most underrated feature.

And with Waukesha’s Pump for life program, we no longer need to opt for a reconditioned pump with oversized rotors. Simply replace your old U3 with a brand new one and get back to processing.

With the front loading seal, standard stainless steel gearcase, and enhanced cleanability features, is it any wonder that the U3 find’s it’s way to the top of our list?

PD Pump Installation with Integral overpressure & bypass valve

Waukesha Cherry Burrell- WR63CD Pressure Relief Valve

The WR60 series of pressure relief valves is a product we have not spent nearly enough time talking about. At Triplex, we primarily focus on sanitary PD pump application and one of the best practices of any sanitary PD pump installation is the use of a sanitary pressure relief valve. Enter the WR60 series.

One of the other headaches end users have with PD pumps is using them to maintain downstream line velocity during CIP. It’s important to maintain velocity during CIP so we can create turbulence downstream and effectively clean our piping.

That’s where the WR63CD comes in. With the WR63CD, we have a reverse acting over pressure relief valve that not only protects the pump from downstream pressure, but also allows for pump bypass during CIP without the need for a jumper. The body configuration also allows minimal dead leg piping and fully adjustable cracking pressures.

That’s why for every new PD pump installation we recommend the Universal 3 PD pump with WR60 series adjustable pressure relief valve.

It’s a beautiful day to deliver some sanitary tube

Wayland Sanitary Fittings & Tubing

If I had to summarize 2021 in two words, it would be “supply chain”. The hottest commodity in the sanitary world all summer was stainless steel sanitary tubing. Without it, many projects couldn’t move forward. Fortunately for us at Triplex and many of our customers, the folks at Wayland Industries have kept us humming.

On the supply chain side, Wayland Industries was a few steps ahead of everyone else. Wayland has continued to surpass our and our customer’s expectations by consistently filling both sanitary fitting and tubing orders on time and on budget. With local inventory in Cudahy, WI, the folks at Wayland make it easy to do business and always keep the customer first.

So there is our Christmas short list for 2021- a Universal 3, a WR63, some Wayland stainless steel fittings, and a partridge in a pear tree. While we wind down 2021, we still have a bunch of great content planned to close out the year but would like to take a minute to wish you and yours all the best during this Christmas Season. Cheers!

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