Service Update- On-Site Audits Prevent Down Time, Ensure On-Hand Inventory

One of the most challenging situations we deal with at Triplex is when a customer calls us about a machine that has been knocked out of commission and are unable to run production. In these situations, customer’s are panicked, in a rush to take any action. This often leads to expensive expedites, weekend service calls, and lost production time. The most frustrating part of these situations in that in most cases, they are totally preventable. In this post, we’ll walk you through our newest service offering- on-site audits and preventative maintenance planning, and how Triplex Sales makes it quick and easy for you to prevent lost production time.

When a customer goes down, the first thing a distributor will ask for is the model number and serial number of the balky equipment. If we have to ask, that probably means we’ll also have to ask the factory for a manual or background information on the unit, especially if it is a homogenizer. Even getting something as simple as a manual can take days if it’s an older legacy unit. From there, we’ll need to know what, if anything, has changed with the machine and then begin the process of sourcing parts and arranging for on site support. In the good ole days- when the supply chain was chugging along- this was a challenge. In today’s supply environment, it can be next to impossible.

To combat this, Triplex Sales Engineers are conducting no charge site audits to catalog your sanitary process equipment and recommend spare parts and proactive measures you can take today to prevent unnecessary downtime. Our Sales Engineers, using proprietary technology, are available to visit your site and using our smart devices quickly and easily catalog your process equipment. Our sales engineers are able to scan and catalog your equipment in real time, sharing an asset list before we even leave the plant.

From there, not only are we able to help get a handle on all of the assets in a facility, we’re able to develop equipment baselines and work with your engineering and maintenance staff to proactively develop a stocking plan to ensure you always have the parts needed to keep your equipment up an running.

From there, we’re able to reconcile your assets with your purchase history and develop baseline run rates of common spare parts and adjust our inventory at absolutely no charge to the client. And if there are long lead items that may be needed in the event of catastrophic failure, we’re able to alert our customers before there is a crisis and take steps to make sure we’re prepared for the worst.

In 2021, the supply chain problems aren’t just a reality, they’re an inevitability. Another inevitability is that mechanical devices will still fail. There isn’t much any one of us can do about it. What we can do, however, is be proactive and understand the value our process equipment generates. It’s important to work with your local SPXFlow distributor (even if it’s not us!- Find your distributor here!) to catalog all of your sanitary process equipment and understand the critical spares you need on hand or have available in an emergency. To schedule your onsite survey, contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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