Product Feature- APV 4T Pilot Homogenizer

In this post, let’s do a deep dive on the newest addition to SPXFlow’s High Pressure Homogenizer line- the APV 4T compact homogenizer.

The new APV 4T offers the complete performance of traditional three plunger Gaulin machines in a compact design suitable for both pilot or continuous applications. With models covering capacities of 5.2 GPH-158.5 GPH, the 4T picks up where the APV 1000 and 15MR left off.

APV 4T HomogenizerUnlike the 15MR or APV 1000, the 4T is a three plunger machine available with 13, 18, and 24mm hard metal coated plungers. The homogenizing block is made of a duplex 1.4462 stainless steel, with either tungsten carbide or stellite valve seats and tungsten carbide, stellite, or a ceramic homogenizing valve. Designed specifically for high purity processing applications, the standard surface finish is 0.8 um or 32 Ra and comes with ¾” TC connections. The APV 4T is available in either single or two stage arrangement with standard options including aseptic block design, in line relief valve, inlet and second stage pressure gauges, pedestal stand, and a plunger lubrication solenoid valve.

APV 4T Pilot Homogenizer

Where the APV 4T continues to distinguish itself from the competition it’s availability with both manual or automatic controls. Featuring an integrated variable frequency drive (VFD), both the manual and automatic versions of the 4T feature integrated screens that allow operators to stop, start, and control the speed of the machine through the push of a button.

While the manual version requires pressure control via actuation of a handwheel, the automatic version comes with either an Allen Bradley or Siemens integrated PLC, providing pneumatic operation and feedback, as well as speed control, through the integrated touch interface. And because it is a fully featured PLC, the 4T can be tied into a factory’s distributed control system (DCS).

We’d like to pause and double down on what we feel is the most important feature of the 4T- it’s out of the box plug and play functionality. At Triplex, we’ve spent the last 30+ years specifying and applying both lab scale and process scale homogenizers and time and again we see customers order a competitors lab machine and get stuck, often requiring additional electrical panel or utility support. This can be extremely challenging for R&D facilities where wide operating ranges and controls are needed, but utilities and operating savvy may be limited. The APV 4T Pilot machine solves this challenge, simplifying deployment and minimizing total cost of ownership.

Versatile Performance & Operator Friendly InterfaceCapacities from 20-600 LPH
Integrated VFD for easy speed setup and speed control
Modular construction for future feature addition
Plug & Play out of the boxSave setup time and costs- no additional electrical or control panels needed Standard product, short lead time
¾” TC connections allow seamless integration into existing processes
Scalability- big features, small package3 plunger design for improved flow stability
Repeatable performance and product quality allows users to scale with confidence
Range and flexibility allow customers to use machine across a range of applications
APV 4T Features & Benefits

As you can see, the new APV 4T Pilot homogenizer is the ideal fit for anyone who is developing a new product or process or operating with small-scale processing lines. R&D departments will enjoy it’s plug and play functionality, while integrators and process engineers will benefit from it’s compact, three plunger design.

For more information on the APV 4T or any of SPXFlow’s products or your sanitary process challenges, contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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