Friday Four Pack- Beer for Tacos, Chicago Henge, Double Barrel Benthic, & Conceptual Model

After a week off of our Friday Four Pack, we’re back this week with four new beers and plenty of photos of some very excellent food. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Off Color Brewing- Beer for Tacos (4.8% Gose w/ Lime Juice)

Having two small children isn’t always easy, so my wife and I make it a point to have a dinner date once a week. This week for Taco Tuesday, we settled on Fire It Up Taco Fusion in Naperville. Fire it Up did not disappoint. Not only did the menu offer a smattering of eclectic tacos, but the craft beer selection was also outstanding. Naturally, I selected Beer for Tacos to pair with my al pastor, carne asada, chicken, and Rueben tacos. A gose style ale is a sour ale with added salt and in this case, lime. With Beer for Tacos, I get a fresh lime nose, with subtle notes of crackery biscuit. The palate is light and refreshing, full of lime, but not tart. The beer features savory salty finish that is a perfect compliment to the Reuben taco.

Hop Butcher for the World- Chicago Henge (7.5% Hazy Double IPA)

Beer for Tacos was obviously a beer for tacos. Chicago Henge was our choice of beer for pizza this week. When you say Chicago, you’ve said it all. Friday night pie and a cold beer. While there was no Chicago sun on this particular Friday, the beer brought the vibes of warmer, less dreary times. A tropical banana kiwi melon nose followed by a fresh breezy palate that finishes with grapefruit and a soft must. The pizza is from Big Pauly’s in Plainfield .

Half Acre Brewing- Double Barrel Benthic (15.3% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Coconut & Cinnamon)

As the father of a 1.5 year old and a 3.5 year old, I’m the proud owner of many cardboard bound books. Fortunately, this beer doesn’t smell or taste like cardboard. The barrel immediately hits, but is soon replaced by cinnamon, which overwhelms the coconut. The palate tingles with soft spice- almost like an Altoid- as the barrel ebbs and flows through the beer, finishing with notes of vanilla and chocolate. Very well made and quite enjoyable.

Phase 3 Brewing- Conceptual Model (7.8% Hazy Double IPA)

What goes better with beer than bacon? A beautiful day calls for some bacon burnt ends and beer. This particular Sunday was a welcome warm up from the prior day’s bitter cold. While we look forward to what the smoke and heat will bring, we enjoy the beer and the sunshine now. In Conceptual Model, I get a rindy pineapple nose and a thick spicy palate packed full of resin. The finish brings berry and pineapple, traces of passion fruit and mango. A perfect beer for the longer days ahead.

And just like that, another week is in the books. As we wrap up the week, we’re headed out West for some bowling and good times and beers with the fellas. We hope you’re looking forward to the weekend as much as we are.

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