Graco Unloader Platform Overview- What can I unload with a Graco Pump?

If we wanted to answer the titular question of this post in one word it would be- everything. Unfortunately for us, we typically try to shoot for 500 words or more for these blogs. So in today’s post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the three primary unloading solutions Graco offers in their Saniforce 2.0 line- pail unloaders, drum unloaders, and bin evacuation systems. Unloading systems have become increasingly popular in a wide range of industries, from food and beverage to chemical and pharmaceutical due to their ability to transfer materials quickly and reliably while minimizing waste and improving safety. So let’s take a look at each of the solutions offered in the Saniforce 2.0 line and how they can help your business optimize your material transfer process.

SaniForce Pail Unloader- 5-7 Gallon Pails

Let’s start with the smallest of the bunch- the Saniforce 2.0 Pail Unloader. Designed for 5-7 gallon pails which are common throughout food and beverage as well as cosmetic facilities, the Saniforce 2.0 pail unloader brings the first unloading solution for pails to market that we’re aware of. Great for food and personal care applications, the SPU series pail unloaders are portable and feature a Saniforce 6:1 piston pump with static wiper. Available with manual pneumatic controls, the Saniforce pail unloader automates and makes safer historically brute force dumping applications.

Saniforce Drum Unloader- 55 Gallon Drums

Next, let’s take a closer look at the most common unloading solution we see in the field- Saniforce drum unloaders for 55 gallon drums. The newly redesigned Saniforce 2.0 drum unloaders are available with both static and inflatable platen options and are perfect for a food, beverage, and personal care applications. The Saniforce 2.0 series of drum unloaders are available with the full range of Graco AODD pumps, including the 6:1, 5:1, and 12:1 piston and priming piston pumps, as well as the 1590, 2150, and 3150 Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps.

Saniforce drum unloaders, and most unloading solutions for that matter, have historically been offered with either exposed or enclosed pneumatic controls. This has meant that we need to train operators to properly use the unloading system, balancing ram speed, pump speed, and seal inflation (if an inflatable seal is being used). This is a somewhat manual process for a solution that is supposed to be able to deliver ROI through labor savings.

With the Saniforce 2.0 series of unloaders, however, we take a great step forward with their fully electronic touch screen controls options. This option fully automates the unloading process and enables system PLC integration, ingredient and recipe storage, and even batch output control. Given the relatively smaller adder for the electronic controls, this is by far our most recommended upgrade.

Saniforce Bin Evacuation System

The last unloading solution in the Saniforce 2.0 line is the big fella- the SBU bin evacuation system. Designed for 200+ gallon totes, this system not only helps customers automate the unloading process, but also reduce raw material costs by buying in bulk.

The Saniforce 2.0 series of bin evacuation systems are available with 2 or 4 pump configurations (both piston and AODD options) and features many of the same great new features we reviewed with the drum unloaders including multiple controls options (pneumatic, enclosed pneumatic, and fully electronic), improved manual and pneumatic safety locks, and an improved seal design for increased evacuation efficiency and simply cleaning and replacement.

Given these improvements and negligible cost increase, bin evacuation systems are increasingly becoming a must have for bulk peanut butter and tomato unloading applications.

In closing, Graco’s industry leading Saniforce 2.0 Evacuations systems offer the widest range of unloaders, ranging from the 5 gallon pail unloader to the 200 gallon bin evacuation system. Each of their solutions provide businesses with reliable and efficient solutions for their high purity fluid transfer application. With a variety of ram, pump, and controls options only available from Graco, the Saniforce 2.0 line offers an unloading solution for everyone. If you have any questions about which bin unloading solution is best for you, please contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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