Graco Quantm EODD FAQ- Answering your Questions about Quantm

Last week, we introduced Graco’s new all electric double diaphragm pump- Quantm. Today, we wanted to address some of the most commonly asked questions we’re getting about Quantm. So let’s get started.

What Quantm Pump sizes are available at launch?

Let’s start with an easy one- what sizes is the Quantm available in? While the folks at Graco are working hard to bring additional sizes to market, at launch, the Quantm will be available in three sizes- the h30, h80, and h120. The h30 is a 1.5” pump that is volumetrically comparable to the Graco 1040, capable of flows up to 30 GPM. The h80 is a 2” pump volumetrically comparable to the Graco 1590, rated for flows up to 80 GPM. The h120 is also a 2” pump, but is volumetrically comparable to the Graco 2150, rated for flows up to 120 GPM. The h120 will also be available in 3″ and 4″ flapper sizes.

Can the Quantm Run Dry and Self Prime?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that while the Quantm is electrically operated, it features all of the benefits you know and love about an AODD. Like a traditional AODD, the Quantm can run dry, self prime, and will stall under pressure (so you can deadhead it).

Do I need a VFD to control the speed of the Quantm Pump?

For PD and centrifugal pumps, when people think speed control, they think VFD. So naturally, we get a lot of questions wondering if a VFD is required to control the Quantm pump. While other EODDs do require a VFD for speed control, the Quantm does not. The Quantm features an integrated dial controller (a potentiometer) for speed control. The Quantm also comes with external control options standard, so you can connect it to your PLC and easily integrate it for start/stop and speed control.

An overview of Quantm’s standard Features

What is the turndown on the Quantm Pump?

The most common type of motor we see in industrial pumping applications are traditional 3 phase squirrel cage motors. These fan cooled motors have turndowns typically in the 3:1 or 10:1 range. This is important for pumping applications where we’re sizing for a range of flows. So with electric pumps, the question of turndown always pops up.

So what is the turndown of the Quantm pump? First, it’s important to know that the Quantm pump does NOT use a traditional squirrel cage motor. Rather, it uses a proprietary new motor technology called the FluxCore drive, which is a transverse flux motor capable of providing up to 8x more continuous torque at low speeds than conventional technology.

In short, this means we can run the Quantm over the entire speed range of the pump (0-100%) with little concern about turndown.

Is Quantm Washdown Rated and Available for Hazardous locations?

Yes. The non-hazardous duty Quantm pumps are rated for IP66 washdown environments and the hazardous duty rated Quantm pumps (ATEX & Class 1 Division 1) are rated for IP55 environments.

Are parts interchangeable between my Saniforce AODDs and Quantm EODDs?

Yes. The common wear parts- balls, seats, diaphragms, fluid covers, and manifolds are the same on the Quantm as they are on the Saniforce line of pumps.

How much more expensive is a Quantm than an AODD?

One of the things that popped out to us at Triplex when we started reviewing the Quantm technology was the low upfront cost- only about 5-10% more than traditional AODDs. And with Quantm’s out of the box, plug and play features, not to mention that massive savings on compressed air, we consider the upfront cost differences negligible.

So there are a few of the most common questions we’re getting about Graco’s breakthrough new EODD pump technology, Quantm. If you have a question about Quantm we didn’t cover here, check out our webpage or contact a Triplex Sales Engineer today!

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